Our Changing Environment : Tour & Activist Poster Workshop (School Program)

Visitors in Inuit Sanaugangit. PHOTO: Kendra Hope

Available mid- November through May 2024

60 minute tour & 60 minute workshop

In this tour, students will gain an understanding of the impact of climate change on the land, animals, and people from an Inuit Qaujimatuqangit perspective.  Students will see examples of how artists are expressing changes to the environment through artwork in the exhibitions Dark Ice and Inuit Sanaugangit.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about activist art and the impact it can have to help create positive change.  Students will create their own mixed media art activist poster to highlight their concerns for the environment.

(Product Image: Robert KautukSikut (different layers of ice), 2018. Photograph (drone image), light box. 62.76 x 111.76 cm. Courtesy of the Artist.)

If your group spans multiple grade ranges, select the range of the majority. You can add the specifics of your groups grades into the notes section at checkout.

Please let us know if individuals in your group need specific adaptive tools, sensory accommodations, or accessible facilities to make their visit enjoyable. We will do our best to work with you to make WAG-Qaumajuq an inclusive space.