Inuit Pop Art (School Program)

Visitors in Anaanatta Unikkaangit. PHOTO: Darnell Collins

Available end- September through February 2024

60 minute tour

In this tour, students will learn about popular culture and Pop Art as a creative movement in art history.  Students will see examples of contemporary Inuit Pop Art on display in WAG-Qaumajuq.  Through the artwork of 2021 KAMA Award winner, Tarralik Duffy, as well as, examples of Inuit Pop Art found in the exhibition, Inuit Sanaugangit, students will learn about Inuit Pop Art and its significance.

(Product Image: Tarralik Duffy. Supuujuuq Dreams, 2023. Digital Drawing, Courtesy of the Artist.)


If your group spans multiple grade ranges, select the range of the majority. You can add the specifics of your groups grades into the notes section at checkout.

Please let us know if individuals in your group need specific adaptive tools, sensory accommodations, or accessible facilities to make their visit enjoyable. We will do our best to work with you to make WAG-Qaumajuq an inclusive space.