Riopelle, Crossroads in Time Tour (Adult Program)

Available June 3, 2024 – September 5, 2024

60 minute tour


Jean Paul Riopelle is one of Canada’s most significant artists of the twentieth century. Learn about Riopelle, his artwork, and contemporaries through the breadth of this impressive exhibition. Guests will be inspired to learn Riopelle was drawn to painting at a young age and went on to become an innovator in his field.

(Product Image: Jean-Paul Riopelle. Vallée, 1949–1950. oil on canvas. 200.7 x 150.5 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Acquired with funds from the Volunteer Committee to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, G-78-74)

Indigenous people and teacher admission is free. Please select the number of participants who do not fall under these two groups.

Please let us know if individuals in your group need specific adaptive tools, sensory accommodations, or accessible facilities to make their visit enjoyable. We will do our best to work with you to make WAG-Qaumajuq an inclusive space.